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What is it 'Dynamic Downloader'?

Dynamic Downloader logo is powerful system for monetization software downloads for Windows.

It is primary designed for downloading large files. The end user - instead of downloading a desired large file directly (through browser) - downloads only small Dynamic Downloader Client which downloads desired large file in small chunks on background. This way allows you to offer the end user additional values while his desired file is being downloaded.
That value can be offer to download third party software or it can simply show ads, videos, websites or any other online content.

Dynamic Downloader is for sale! (whole system, full sources and domains)

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System is divided into two parts:

Schema - communication and relations between Server and Client

Server Server details
Server handles requests from Clients - provides configuration to them and receives statistic data.
Dynamic Downloader Server can link to other servers - e.g. to Mega or own servers which may host the data to download (Primary software and Offer software).
Communication Communication details
Each Client is recognized by it's identifier (Project) which is used for communication with Server.
All Clients with the same Project identifier have the same Client behavior - The end users see the same offers, the same content and download the same Primary and Offer software.
However the statistic data are unique for each End user - selected language, run time, aceepted/skipped offers, download time, ...
Client Client
Client has started. It downloads configuration from Server (number of Offers, their websites and location, Primary software location, ...) and sends statistic data (Start time, language, Windows version, ...).
Client immediately starts with downloading primary software (on background).
Next step
Client Client
An Offer screen has been reached. Appropriate website is shown in build-in browser and User can accept the Offer or Skip it. Both these actions are sent to Server as statistics.
If Offer is accepted then it is added to the download queue. Offer software has higher priority than Primary software and it's chunks are downloaded always as first.
Next step
Client Client
Client is downloading primary software (and Offers, if they were not skipped). Everything is downloaded in small chunks.
Next step
Client Client finish
Download has finished. Final statistics are send (End time, download length, ..,), Primary software can be launched.
Client down Next step
Client Client
Immediately after all Offer software chunks are downloaded, it is launched (and installed).
All Offers are launched during Install page (before Primary software).
Next step
Client Client
After all chunks of Primary software are downloaded, it is launched (and installed).


How does regular software downloading work?

Let first say how most of your software is downloaded now (the old way): Old way of downloading files

And how does Dynamic Downloader work?

This is a way how to improve your software download (the New way): Dynamic Downloader - new way of downloading files

Live Demo

To see Dynamic Downloader in action check our pilot project InnoIDE.

Slide 0

Language selection dialog

Language which the application uses to communicate with you.

There are many already supported languages right now and we are working on new ones. It is also possible to add custom language.

Unicode languages like Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japan, Korean are supported so as so RTL (Right To Left) languages.

Whole application is highly customizable. You can change many elements.

Click the 'Next arrow' (below) to move to next slide.

Slide 1

Welcome page

Contains basic information about Software. Immediately after this page is shown the Primary software is being downloaded. Elements:

  • Header area

    A place for Software banner (or any custom picture). It is a good habit to place Software name or logo to the left.

  • Application icon

    Software icon to the right.

  • Current step progress bar

    Informs user about current step of the installation progress. 'Software Options' step is fully configurable - you can adjust how many Offers will be shown.

  • Welcome page picture

    (Also visible on Finish page.) We created algorithm which sets different picture for different language family.

  • Instructions area

    Text area showing information for user. All texts are customizable - it is possible to have different texts in different languages.

  • License Agreement link

    Clicking the link opens default browser and navigates to defined website.

  • Privacy Policy link

    Clicking the link opens default browser and navigates to defined website.

Slide 2

Offer page

Website shown here displays Offer information. The purpose is to 'sell' the Offer.
User can accept the Offer (clicking the Next button) and appropriate software will be downloaded and installed. Of course he can decline it by clicking the Skip/Skip All buttons.

Picture shows you Offer website for Graphical Installer for NSIS product.
Elements in this page:

  • Website area

    A place where Offer website is displayed.

  • Navigation buttons

    Clicking 'Next' will accept the Offer and continue to next page.
    Clicking 'Skip all' button will skip all Offers and jump directly to installation page.

If user closes the application (pressing Alt+F4 or clicking X icon) on any Offer page, he is asked for confirmation. Cancelling the installation means all current progress is saved to computer (also already downloaded chunks) so it continue anytime later.
Installation can be started again by clicking the application shortcut on user's Desktop.

Slide 3

Offer page #2

Another Offer page. Each Client can be configured to have different amount of Offer pages.

This picture shows Offer page for Visual & Installer product.
The elements in this page are the same:

  • Website area

    A place where Offer website is displayed.

  • Navigation buttons

    Notice that 'Skip all' button is disabled. All Offers can be skipped at once only at very first Offer page.

There is no option to go back - once Offer is accepted/declined this cannot be changed.

Slide 3

Installation page

Chunks for Primary software nad Offers are downloaded during this phase. Downloading small software takes only few moments but downloading large software may take a while.

This time can be used to show user additional content - software presentation, tutorial or simply 3rd party advertisement.

This picture shows an online Pacman Flash game which can be played directly in the application's window.
The elements in this page:

  • Progress bar

    Shows current state of downloading all chunks (Offers + Primary software). Once it reaches 100% whole process is finished.

  • Content area

    Additional content is displayed here. It is up to you whether you leave this place blank or use it to promote some your service, product or simply put an ad here.

Slide 3

Installation page (continue)

The downloading of the Offer can be finished earlier than the Primary software.
Immediately as some software is downloaded it is launched and user can enjoy his software.

During all phases the application sends statistics on background. There are plenty of statistics available from Server web interface.

Slide 3

Finish page

Once all files are downloaded the application shows the user this page.
When the 'Finish' button is clicked the Primary software is launched and whole process is complete.

Application sends final statistics to Server, cleans temporary data and closes itself.

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